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What is included in the Dyson In-Home Service?

  • We will arrange a service appointment time with you either at your home or your place of work and at a time that is convenient to you. We give you an actual service appointment time and will not waste your time by asking you to wait in all day.
  • Your Service Technician will be fully trained and insured, arrive in a sign written vehicle and wear a full uniform complete with I.D.
  • Your Service Technician will use the latest technology by employing a mobile electronic tablet fully loaded with the exact service schedule for your specific model of Dyson and have instant access to exploded diagrams and technical information.
  • Your Dyson will be completely disassembled right down to it’s component parts, clearing all blockages as they are found.
  • Each part will be carefully examined for defects.
  • The carbon brushes inside the motor will be examined for excessive wear because these parts are designed to wear down and it is good practice to check them on a regular basis.
  • If your Dyson requires any replacement parts then your Service Technician will thoroughly explained to you exactly which parts are needed and why. It will be totally your decision whether to purchase them or not.
  • If you choose to have the parts replaced your Service Technician will fit any necessary new parts, thoroughly clean all parts and reassemble and polish your Dyson ready for another years faithful service.
  • All replaced parts will be disposed of and your home will be left clean and tidy.
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.
  • Your Service Report/Invoice will be emailed to you so you have a permanent record of your Dyson’s service history.

All of this for just £34.99, was £69.99   50% off!


To Book your In-Home Service either click on the ‘Book Service’ button or call us direct on 01634 722220. Out of hours you can leave a voice mail on our answer phone and we will call you back as soon as possible or simply click on either the ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Call me back’ buttons above.

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